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I am incredibly glad to have had Hally as my real estate agent. In the short time I had worked with her, I could tell she held a strong passion for real estate. Between showings and negotiations, Hally had always exhibited patience and diligence. She listened to my every question, took notes on my every concern, and resolved all my issues in a timely manner. Earlier this month, when Hally met with me, my wife, and my daughter at the house I purchased, she arrived earlier than us even though we got there fifteen minutes prior to the meeting time. Such a case demonstrated her dedication and her prioritization of client needs. I am beyond grateful for her service and would recommend her to my friends and family. The next time when I engage in real estate, I know who to call.

William K.

We desired a team that we could “trust” when selling our home. We contacted Steve Gunter who connected us with Charles Kay. Charles is professional, knowledgeable, understanding and works diligently to sell your home. We suggest listening to his recommendations. He is an expert in selling your home quickly. We made small changes and received multiple offers from the “coming soon” post. Other homes in our neighborhood were lingering for 50+ days. We couldn’t be happier with our decision and Steve’s team!

Shanae B.

Steve and his team are the best. My wife and I worked with Charles Kay and he was great, very responsive, and made it feel like he had our back throughout the whole process.

Daniel D.


Sherry M.

I could not have asked for anything better from Mr. Kay, he was very attentive to what my wife and I were looking for in a house. I would recommend him to anyone.

Fredrick M.

“Jacqueline Woodard with the Steve Gunter team was so excellent! She sold our old home while at the same time, helped us buy our dream home! She was very knowledgeable and was able to help us navigate all of the many new adventures that came up.”

Hugh R.

I recently SOLD my home with Taylore of the Steve Gunter Team and the experience was BEYOND what I even imagined. From the initial sit down conversation (did not feel like a formal meeting) with Steve to the follow up and complete “hand held” experience with Taylore! It was just what my family needed during this COVID period to know that we could show our home SAFELY. But Taylore did not ONLY get my home sold, he helped me to negotiate my next move and was so patient with me. I fully intend to drop Taylore and Steve’s names to any friend, co-worker or random person on the street ready to sell and/or purchase a home. They have my vote! I let Taylore know that when I am ready to purchase my next home, he is the first person I will be calling! Thanks Steve and Taylore… you made it all worth while!

Abeni O.

Great communication! Hally had great communication and was very knowledgeable and patient. Thanks!

Eduardo P.

Taylore was an amazing resource and support in purchasing our first home. He was incredibly responsive, worked with our tight schedules, and we felt like we could trust him from the start! He was always willing to answer questions and make adjustments, and very timely both in correspondence and face-face meetings. As stressful as buying a home can be, I know that Taylore made the experience as painless as possible, and I would 10/10 recommend him as a realtor. We are SO happy with our new home, and so grateful to Taylore for all of his help!

Thanks so much Taylore!

Justin and Lindsey

HAVING SOMEONE DO EVERYTHING WITH QUALITY AT TOP NOTCH SPEED MEANS EVERYTHING! In Dec of 2018, I met with this young man in order to find some miraculous way to sell my home. My house, in dire need of repairs and TLC, was definitely going to be an as-is sell. I had accepted that I would probably not sell it, and if by chance it sold, it would yield no profit. Although he made me a firm promise, I thought that perhaps he’d do his very best but report sad news to me. Charles Kay listed my home and within a day we had an offer. He negotiated at lightning speed with such passion and belief that I’d see my Christmas holiday in a whole new way. It was a sweet dream but not one I could imagine as a reality.

On the seventh, my home went live on the market with a list of embarrassing repairs. On the 18th I closed with a higher purchase than it was even marketed for!!!!! I cried, I cried and I cried again. My house?!? The one I assumed would NEVER sell?? And thanks to Charles, it sold for more than I suggested. His savvy expertise saved me from accepting ‘just anything’. I paid off all my debts and the Christmas he promised me did indeed come to my children. Never underestimate this realtor!  He’s a gentleman, a man of his word and wow – he’s fast!  Saying goodbye to an old home with many memories wasn’t so tough with him by my side holding my CHECK!!!!!

Shenette S.

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